The things you should add to your packing list for Hawaii

So you’ve booked yourself a trip to the beautiful Hawaii and your departure date is looming. You might think that packing for Hawaii is just like any other beachside holiday, and while this is largely the case there are a few things that might not have occurred to you. So here’s a packing list for Hawaii from the perspective of an Aussie gal!

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Digital Luggage Scale

If you’re heading to Hawaii chances are you are fully aware of the fact that it’s a location pretty well-known for its shopping. If you are also a budget conscious traveler, there is also a fair chance you have some luggage limitations. I purchased a pair of the Fosman Digital luggage scales for my trip, ensuring I knew exactly how much weight I had in my case at both ends. They were pretty on the money when I got to the airport too!


Reef Safe Sunscreen

Now normally I wouldn’t stick this on a packing list because it’s a pretty common sense item, however Hawaii passed legislation which will come into effect in 2020, banning the sale of sunscreen containing ingredients which have found to be harmful to reefs. Trouble is, they are the key ingredients in most sunscreen.

We Aussie’s like our SPF 50+, Thinksport is compliant with the new requirements and safe for kids.


Clear Plastic Toiletries bag

Now this one seems a little strange I admit, but there is logic behind it.

Pearl Harbor is on the list of most visitors to Hawaii. It is also an active naval base and as such is subject to some security restrictions. One of these is no bags, due to their ability to conceal. I loaded up my pockets, but saw someone walking around with a clear toiletries bag instead and thought it was a fabulous idea! And it will even carry your toiletries!


Turkish Towel

I invested in this little gem a few years ago when I was looking for something big yet compact. I saw a review of these full size towels made of lightweight cotton and went straight out in search of one. I was hooked! They are perfect for travel, rolling up to a small size and incredibly quick drying, unlike heavier beach towels. If you’re staying in an Airbnb or somewhere they wont give you beach towels then a Turkish Towel is what you need. I never travel without mine now and it came in handy in Oahu.


Waterproof Phone Pouch

Transform your phone into an underwater camera for capturing your adventures on and in the water in Hawaii. No need to go to the expense of purchasing an underwater camera given the quality of modern phone cameras – just pop it in a waterproof pouch and you’re good to go! While I took an underwater camera with me to Hawaii, I got some great footage on my phone in Belize with one of these.


Travel Tripod

You are going to have some amazing photo opportunities in Hawaii, especially if you follow my 7 Day Oahu Itinerary. It is worth investing in a travel tripod to help you snap those great moments, especially when you’re waiting to capture those perfect sunrises and sunsets. This model will work for both phones and cameras and the flexible legs allow placement on uneven surfaces.

I got this amazing shot on the North shore using my tripod and phone!

Sunset on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, taken fom Pipeline beach

Sunset on the North Shore Oahu


I never travel anywhere without my Cygnett Powerbank. It will charge any device from USB and isn’t a lot of extra weight so is easy to pop in your pack or handbag for the security of knowing you can charge your phone when you’re out for a whole day using it heavily. This has also saved my bacon on a number of occasions at home so it isn’t just an investment for travelling.

Multi-USB Charger

These days most devices charge off a USB cord, it takes up extra weight and space to take the plug for each one, and then an adapter plug for each on top of that. A multi-USB port travel adapter is the practical option that doesn’t just cover you for US travel.

An Aussie girls tips on the things you need to add into your packing list for Hawaii

An Aussie girls tips on the things you need to add into your packing list for Hawaii