All too quickly that time of year has come round again and we’re scratching our heads looking for stocking filler ideas. The older you get, the harder it gets, if we really want something then the chances are we’re gone out and got it for ourselves, and we appreciate experiences over things.

So what are some stocking filler ideas for the traveler in your life? Check out this great list that just about any traveler will find useful and love. You’re sure to find something they don’t have yet, or that might need replacing if they do!

Christmas baubles on tree

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Practical stocking filler ideas


Being an avid book lover, this is something I never would have purchased for myself. I remember lugging three massive books (the Dragon Tattoo series) around in my bags on my European trip. You have to admit, it isn’t exactly practical.

I received a Kindle as a birthday present a number of years ago, and now I never travel without it! In the weight of one good sized book I have hundreds at my fingertips. No need to worry about what to read next if you finish the one book you brought! It also charges off USB so no need for additional plugs.


Another item I never travel without is my Cygnett Powerbank. A good capacity one will give you a couple of charges of your smartphone, or will charge any item that connects via USB. Not only does it come in handy for those day trips with no access to power, but it serves as a great backup when you’re in a country where supply isn’t quite so reliable. This one should be in every travelers backpack!


The amazing Lifestraw was given to me for my birthday last year right before I left for my Central America trip. It was a great choice as I hadn’t yet worked out how I was going to be solving the drinking water problem given buying bottled water is such an environmental problem. The Lifestraw has an inbuilt filter that operates like a straw, purifying your drinking water for you. Amazon currently has it on special for a great price!

Top of Museo de Revolucion in Trinidad Cuba

Me in Trinidad, Cuba, with my trusty Lifestraw

Document Wallet

This was also a gift before my last trip and it was just so valuable! When I thought I had lost my immigration form to leave Mexico, it was such a relief to open my document wallet and find it safely tucked away. I used mine as the main storage location of my passport, currency and cards, leaving it in the hotel safe while I took another purse out with me containing only what I needed.

Turkish Towel

My Turkish Towel is hands down one of the most useful thing’s I’ve ever purchased! Lightweight and so compact, the thin cotton means it dries quickly, yet it is still as absorbant as a bulkier towel. I’ve not only taken it traveling but on camping trips too.

Toiletries Bag

If your toiletries are loose in your bag when you travel you not only face a rummage through your bag when you need to find something, but you risk having a lid come off and pour all through your bag. You also want to just pick up and take a single bag to the bathroom.

The best option is a toiletries bag that can hang on the back of the door for you for easy access in a shower block, and has multiple compartments for you to store all your toiletries in the one place.

Waterproof Pouch

If your travels involve any water activities then a waterproof pouch for your phone is a must! Allowing you to record video and take photos with your phone while in the water while keeping it completely dry. I used one of these in The Philippines as well as snorkeling in Belize where I got to video up close with a Sea Turtle!

Underwater photo of Nurse Shark on the ocean floor

A Nurse Shark on my snorkeling trip in Belize, taken with my phone in a waterproof pouch.

Compression packing cubes

I’ve never used these myself. Don’t get me wrong I’m a really organised packer, but I’ll put things like socks and underwear in the spaces created. But I can see the appeal of these compression packing cubes.

Travel Washing Line

Another useful little item I never travel without is my travel washing line. You can save space on clothes on longer trips by washing in hotel sinks as you travel.

Perfume Atomiser

Save the space, weight and potential glass breakages by carrying a perfume atomiser instead. The perfume I wear comes in a large glass bottle so I find one of these much more practical.

Travel Bottles

Most of us save money by buying products in bulk at home, but when we’re traveling we don’t want to be carrying that extra weight. Putting what you need into these travel bottles is a practical solution.

Travel Tripod

I invested in a new travel tripod for my last trip and it came in really useful, enabling me to get some great shots when I was on my own. I bought mine in store, but you want one that has moveable legs for those uneven surfaces, and will sit both a smart phone and a standard camera.

photo of me looking out on Caribbean taken with my tripod in Playa del Carmen

Playing with my tripod in Playa del Carmen


Security stocking filler ideas


This one is pretty self-explanatory. The reality is if someone really wants to get into your bag they’re going to find a way of doing it, but no need to make it easy for them. I use padlocks for securing items in my suitcase when I’m away from my room and there is no safe, and closing the zippers on my backpack so that they can’t be easily opened by someone walking behind me on the street. I prefer the TSA luggage locks with a 4-digit combination, no risk of losing keys!

Travel Belt Wallet

I wore this all over Central America and Cuba. The Pacsafe Travel Belt Wallet contains a hidden compartment plenty big enough to conceal a few folded up notes. Whatever happened I always had the cash on me to get a taxi back to my hotel. I have a number of Pacsafe’s anti-theft products and can’t speak highly enough of them.

Bra Pouch

This fabulous little pouch from Pacsafe is the right size to fit your bank card and attaches to your bra so it sits concealed under your clothing.

Body Pouch

I don’t have one of these myself, but since the gents aren’t likely to want a bra pouch, I thought I’d better include something for them! This Body Pouch from Pacsafe sits similarly sits under clothing and is big enough to hold your passport also.

Christmas lights in Mexico City

Christmas lights in Mexico City

Comfort stocking filler ideas

Travel Pillow

I am a recent convert to these, having purchased an amazing memory foam travel pillow on my most recent trip to make my long flight back to Australia more bearable. This one compresses into it’s own small carry bag so you can just pop it in your backpack or tie it to the outside.

Travel Blanket

This isn’t an item I’ve taken advantage of myself, but I can definitely see a use for it. Whip it out on those long flights instead of using the airline version, or use it to be more comfortable on a long bus ride. This travel blanket doubles as a pillow when it’s in the case.


Fun stocking filler ideas

Christmas tree in Mexico City

Christmas in Mexico City


I got my Samsung Galaxy A since my last international trip, but its joined me on a couple of domestic ones. Need something to do on that short flight where there’s no entertainment, or sitting around in the airport? Download some episodes of Netflix and you’re good to go! I wish I had this on my flight home from LA when my TV screen didn’t work. It did not improve what was already a pretty average flight. Apple devotees might prefer the ipad.

World Map

I have a cork board version of this, which will form the centrepiece of a wall full of photos taken on my world travels. I love the idea of the scratch off world map that will really clearly show just where in the world you’ve traveled to. It is sure to delight any travel addict.


DVD – The Holiday

Ok I’ll grant you, this one is a little on the cheesy side, but The Holiday also happens to be one of my favourite movies. It also involves both travel and Christmas so it is a perfect stocking filler! Staring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black its a feel good movie that has some poignant messages about moving on.

Travel Journal

If the traveler in your life also happens to be a writer, they’ll love this travel themed journal to capture their adventures!

Lonely Planet Travel Tips

What traveler couldn’t pick up a new tip or two from the bestselling Lonely Planets Best Ever Travel Tips.

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Christmas is around the corner yet again! Check out this great list for gift ideas for the travel addict in your life! #StockingFillerIdeas #StockingStuffers #GiftsForTravelers #StockingFillerIdeasForTravelers #PracticalStockingFillerIdeas #SecurityStockingFillerIdeas #FunStockingFillerIdeas #ComfortStockingFillerIdeas